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Dear members and exhibitors,

We are looking forward to a unique Show Event under the patronage of the three special-breed-clubs CCD, ICC and KCCD!
08.-10.11.2017 - 3 days - 3 Shows: German Winner 2017 - World Club Show 2017 - Worldwinner 2017
In close cooperation with our two partner clubs we were able to let a very exquisite event come true - the World Club Show 2017 in Leipzig
(only 5min from the fairgrounds of the WorldDogShow). At this special club show, the exhibitors can exclusively reach the title of the German
Champion Club ICC / CCD and KCCD with only two shows - a CAC on the German Winner Show the day before OR on the WorldDog Show
the day after PLUS a CAC from our World Club show make it possible!
In addition: The Club CAC at the World Club Show counts twice, the Res.CAC is upgraded to a full CAC - all awarded CACs or Res.CACs and
their upgrading are accepted by all three clubs (CCD, ICC & KCCD).
We are delighted that once again such a great cooperation between the clubs has become possible and we are now looking forward to this
great Event. We would also like to draw your attention to the Dinner Gala, which will take place on the end of the WorldWinner week on Friday
evening. Here too, all three clubs have planned a joint Come Together Dinner for all members and friends of the Cavaliers and Charlies from all
over the world.
In keeping with the event, our show takes place in a well-known hotel. In order to ensure the ambiance and adequate space the registration
number is limited to 100 dogs - so we do not recommend you to wait until the last day with your entries. An online entry is possible from now
on. For more information, please click on the flyer
The committees of the CCD / ICC and KCCD